Five Ways Martial Arts Training Can Help Your Child Build Character


Most parents prefer to enroll their children in baseball or soccer over martial arts. Conventional, recreational sports are wide-prevalent and rightly so. However, martial arts training offers many benefits, in fact, more than a recreational sport does. Not only that it teaches the child self-defense, but it also helps with their character-building.

Contrary to the popular belief, martial art training is much more than just a kick or punch. It is just like any other sport and involves discipline, dedication, hard work, and integrity. Aside from these virtues, training in martial arts helps establish a foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle.

What are the Martial Arts?

Martial arts are the ancient codified systems and combat practice originating from Asia. They serve multiple purposes, the major one being self-defense. There are different types of martial arts, like karate and tae kwon do. They involve blocking and striking while the other types including jiu-jitsu and judo focus on grappling and wrestling.

Many parents say that martial arts training have helped improve their kids’ focus and self-control. These claims also have scientific backing. Studies show that martial arts can lead to improved confidence, self-esteem, focus, and strength.

How Martial Arts Training Can Help Build Your Child’s Character?

Aside from learning to defend themselves, children learn a lot of character-building skills in martial arts training:

1. Humility

From competing in tournaments to practicing in class, students of martial arts learn that many people out there are better than them. They start recognizing the fact that the world is huge and beyond their own selves. It teaches them to respect skills and seniority along with the lesson that there is always room for improvement.

This training also lets them know that everyone has weak points and enables them to recognize this fact while striving to become a better version of them.

2. Respect

Respect is the key to martial arts. Every practice and activity stresses the significance of respect in all currents of the training, both towards the traditions of martial arts and for each other. Students are required to cooperate with the authority figures in the entire training.

They are taught to respect the seniors as well as their peers during every class. They are encouraged to replicate this outside of their training as well.

3. Confidence

By participating in group activities and tournaments, students become more confident and aware of their capabilities. Their confidence also improves when they put in hard work and dedication. Along with a sense of accomplishment, they also learn to defend themselves and feel more capable.

The fact that they are finding a solution for their fear or a threatening situation itself is a confidence booster. Moreover, they have found a positive path to channelize their energy.

4. Discipline

Discipline is one of the integral principles of martial arts. Students are training and mastering a specific technique, the child also learns a strong work ethic to manage so. The training sessions and practice emphasize on conduct and behavior.

The training also teaches students self-control. They learn to control and manage their emotions when faced with any untoward situation. Many people think that martial arts are more focused on aggression. However, not acting out and disciplining one’s emotions is the key lesson in martial arts training.

This is the most important character trait that martial arts training can instill in a child. Even the grown-ups struggle with channelizing and managing their emotions. If a child is learning it at a young age, chances are high that he/she will be able to control and master the emotions better.

5. Perseverance

Another key trait taught in martial arts training is perseverance. The initial classes are more challenging and demanding, but children start having fun later. Moreover, the entire exercise gives a lesson that hard work pays off well. It also has a positive effect on a child’s mental development. This training offers immense psychological benefits.

Along with perseverance, martial arts also inculcate endurance and team spirit. They improve the child’s focus and make them more aware of their surroundings. All these traits require a lot of time and experience. Even the grownups struggle to have these skills. It is good that the kids start learning it from a young age.

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