Purchasing Fenugreek seed extract and Okra Extract? Points you should know


Investing money in herbs and spices is common for anyone. Although these are easily available in any grocery store, still you have to be aware of important purchase guidelines. You should remember that not all grocery store products may be healthy and pure.

  • Always be aware of the source and freshness of the herbs and spices you purchase.
  • Don’t fall prey to ones that are available for a cheaper price.
  • If possible test each herb and spice for its quality and purity in advance.

So, when going out to purchase herbs and spices for your kitchen, you have to follow basic rules. This will help you make the right selection.

Avoid grocery products

Spices may not be cheap in any grocery store as they don’t sell in bulk quantity. Even if you manage to come across the right price, still you can never trust its quality and effectiveness. Always remember that herbs and spices are effective only if they are fresh and well-stored before selling.

Try out wholesale dealers

Several wholesale dealers are known for selling fresh and quality spices and herbs like Fenugreek seed extract.

These dealers always try and follow strict guidelines when selling their products to the buyers. Besides, products in wholesale stores are always much fast-moving and so you may only get fresh herbs and spices.

Avoid compromising on price

A bargain is always a better option for anyone, but not always. Spices and herbs have their demand in the international market. This is where quality comes into existence. The moment you are purchasing it is better to check with the standard mark the packet holds.

The good quality manufactured product is always more expensive as compared to fake ones. Cheaper options may not be ideal if it comes to purchasing herbs and spices.

Visit markets that are ethnic

You may easily find specific markets that are good at selling quality spices and herbs. These markets should always be checked regularly for a better quality product. You have to keep in mind that if the spice is fresh and good quality then it has a high demand.

Test the spice before purchasing

There are many ways in which you can test these products on your own. The aroma test is one of the most effective ways to test these products. If it smells good then it certainly is fresh and good quality.

Apart from these, you should only purchase Okra extract and herbs from the well-known seller in the market.

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