Vasectomy Procedure Sacramento Clinics – How Should You Choose the Right Place?


Is Sacramento in the USA a good place to have a vasectomy? This is a question that most men ask themselves when they want to undertake the procedure. Experienced urologists in the USA say vasectomies are highly popular today among men. Sacramento has some really reputed clinics where you can get the procedure done safely. However, before you choose the clinic, you must research well on its credentials. 

Choosing your vasectomy procedure Sacramento clinic

Before you choose the clinic in Sacramento for conducting the vasectomy, you first should know what the term means. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization. It is a form of permanent contraception. In this procedure, the male’s vas deferens are cut, tied, and sealed to stop the sperm from going into the urethra. This prevents the fertilization of a female via sexual intercourse. The vasectomy procedure Sacramento clinics will conduct the vasectomy in the same way. There are two types of vasectomies- the surgery where an incision is needed and no-scalpel vasectomy where no incision is needed. 

No scalpel vasectomy – Why it is popular today 

No scalpel vasectomy is also known as keyhole vasectomy or NSV.  In this procedure, a ringed clamp is specially designed with a dissecting hemostat that is used for puncturing the scrotum for accessing the vas deferens. In this procedure, there is the minimal incision. This is why most men are opting for this procedure at Sacramento clinics too. It is also known as the no-cut vasectomy, as there is no incision in the skin.

Is it painful?

There is a small level of discomfort when the doctor handles the vas deferens or when the shot for numbing the area is administered to you. However, the intensity of pain is not too much. It will remain for about seven days or so before it fades. Most of the sites will heal after this time. The procedure can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation that will make the area numb, but you remain conscious during the procedure. If you are very sensitive and cannot manage pain at all, your doctor will give you medicines to manage the pain. 

3 Factors to know about the procedure 

The vasectomy procedure is safe, and you should get it done from a good clinic. However, there are specific facts that you and your partner should know-

  • Both of you should be sure that you do not want children in the future anymore. You need to take rest for about seven days after the vasectomy. 
  • Allow the area to heal before resuming normal activities again. There is a small amount of bruising and swelling. There is nothing to worry about, as this is normal. It generally subsides after seven to ten days.
  • Sterilization does not take place immediately after the procedure is over. You should wait for some time as the sperm count while you ejaculate decreases over time. 

Bank on a good vasectomy procedure Sacramento clinic to conduct the procedure. The clinic should have good patient reviews so that you are in safe hands. The procedure is an outpatient one, and you do not have to stay in the hospital after the procedure is over.


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