Visit an Auto Accident Chiropractor for Massage Therapy to Treat Pain, Soft Tissue Injuries, and More


Seat belts save lives. More than 60 percent of individuals who lose their lives in a car crash do so because they weren’t wearing a seat belt. Experts believe more than half of the 35,000 individuals who lose their lives in auto accidents each year would be alive if they had a seat belt on. Most serious deaths or injuries sustained in car accidents happen close to the person’s home and more than 50 percent occur at speeds below 40 MPH. However, a seat belt cannot protect against all injuries, and a person might find they need medical care as a result of the accident. If you are involved in an accident, see an Auto Accident Chiropractor right away.

Why Injuries Happen

Seat belts can lead to soft tissue injuries in a motor vehicle accident or they can bring about broken or displaced bones. When the vehicle hits an object, the seat belt automatically tightens to protect the person. As the body moves violently in the accident, it comes into contact with the seat belt which can bring about these issues. The person might not feel pain right away, as the body releases endorphins that mask this pain. This allows the individual to escape the car and move to a safe place. Once the danger passes, the pain kicks in. Massage therapy becomes of great help at this time.

Types of Injuries

Whiplash remains the most common problem seen by chiropractors when it comes to patients involved in an auto accident. When the vehicle abruptly stops, the body propels forward and backward quickly. This violent movement brings about whiplash and can result in other injuries.

Bruising serves as another concern following an accident, and a person might have internal injuries due to compression of vital organs against the ribs or spine. The seat belt crosses over the chest and abdomen where many of these organs are located. Furthermore, it spans the pelvis and lower spine, which means organs such as the intestines may also be impacted. Nevertheless, wearing a seat belt remains the best option, as a failure to wear one could lead to the person being thrown from the car or tossed around inside the vehicle.

Why Treatment is Needed

Thanks to the adrenaline rush, a person might refuse medical treatment. It isn’t until a few hours or days later that they realize they did sustain injuries. The person needs to be examined to learn if they have internal injuries. Once this concern has been eliminated, massage therapy becomes of great help in addressing the pain the person is experiencing. It helps not only with the physical pain but the mental trauma as well.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

A massage helps the victim to relax and recover their emotional balance. The massage improves circulation throughout the body to aid the healing of soft tissue. It reduces pain, helps improve the person’s range of motion, minimizes stiffness, and aids those who have a concussion. Finally, massage therapy reduces inflammation while boosting the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Visit a medical doctor immediately after being involved in a car accident. Once internal injuries have been ruled out, massage therapy will be of help in dealing with any injuries sustained as a result of the accident. Learn more today to see if this option is right for you.

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