Whey Protein Options for Your Deals


Finding the right protein powder can be complicated because the sports nutrition market is full of them. There are not only countless manufacturers, but also different types of protein powder: whey protein, casein, multi-source protein or vegetable protein, to name just a few. Here you will find out which protein to choose and which points you should pay particular attention to.

Our protein powder comparison will help you make the right decision. Discover the protein that best suits your goals. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, our test helps you decide which protein is best for you. You can choose the Best Whey Protein there.

Comparison criteria

Whey: one of the powdered proteins in our test

We are comparing different protein powders here, because all products differ in terms of ingredients, manufacturing process, protein and amino acid content as well as in protein quality (indicated by biological value or chemical score). A clear comparison of these different products may therefore prove useful.

In addition, different types of proteins also have different absorption rates. This means that each product must be taken at a different time to get the best effect. And finally, there is the price: the products are also all different on this point, and they are sometimes clearly so. Our comparative test of protein powders therefore helps you to sort through the different products and identify which one is best suited to your needs. Go for the Best Mass gainer there now.

  • Protein Powder Test Winner: Whey Protein
  • Main ingredient: whey protein
  • Protein content: approx. 75 – 80%
  • Biological value: 104
  • Optimal timing: before / after training, at breakfast

Whey protein (or whey protein in French) is the most popular protein powder. It is produced from the liquid that forms during the production of cheese. Although this residual liquid contains only a small amount of protein (maximum 1%), it is possible to transform it into a powder highly concentrated in proteins.

  • The whey protein is a real success for its quality. Indeed, it can be digested and used by the body very quickly, the protein contained in a shaker can be used by the body in less than 30 minutes. The biological value of whey protein is 104, which is higher than that of eggs (100), meat and fish (about 95) or soy (84). Learn more about the biological value.
  • Its rapid availability and high biological value make whey protein the optimal protein for bodybuilding athletes. In fact, the latter need to consume a large portion of protein quickly after training to initiate the muscle regeneration process as soon as possible. You can choose Zotez now.

In addition, whey protein can also be taken just before training. Thus, the body is already supplied with protein for training and no longer needs it as urgently after training for muscle recovery. Bodybuilders and bodybuilders commonly consume a whey protein shaker for breakfast. In this case too, the goal is to be able to provide the body with rapidly available protein: during the night, the amount of protein in the body decreases and it is therefore necessary to supply it with new proteins in order to replenish its reserves as fast as possible.


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