Breast Augmentation And Breast Reduction


Breast augmentation and breast reduction procedures are the most popular ones when it comes to breast plastic surgery. A breast lift and breast symmetry procedures are also quite common and they can be done in combination with breast augmentation and breast reduction procedure.

Breast augmentation procedures

When someone mentions breast augmentation procedure, the first thought is breast implants. Yes, these implants are the most common option for those who would like to enhance their breasts. Different sizes, shapes, and materials have enabled women to get the breasts that are the closest to the breast they imagine having.

Classical silicone implants can give your breasts bigger volume and much bigger size, but you must check them via ultrasound or some other diagnostic procedure every three years. If there are any changes you must replace them or remove them.

You can have naturally bigger breasts without implants

Saline implants are not that firm as the silicone ones. They are filled with saline water, so they give a more natural look and feeling to the breasts. If these implants get damaged, the saline water will be absorbed by the body, and of course, you will have to do breast implant replacement procedure.

There is one more option for breast enlargement, but it does not include implants. This procedure uses your own fat tissue that will be put into the breasts. The reliable stem cell breast augmentation Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will give you natural bigger breasts, but you should know that this procedure cannot enhance your breasts to be that big as the implants can.

Breast reduction procedures

During the breast reduction procedure, the surgeon will size down your breasts the way you want it. Creating a nice shape, your breasts will have a new look, while you will carry them much easier. This procedure is done mostly because, large breasts are very heavy, and they can cause chronic pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and sometimes headaches.

Gynecomastia surgery is the best option for enlarged male breasts

As for men, breast reduction procedure is also possible and it is called gynecomastia procedure. Enlarge male breasts are usually due to different hormone levels and obesity, so sometimes if the person can affect these two factors, the breasts can return in their normal size. This happens rarely so surgeons can offer a procedure that will fix this problem in one session. 

Usually, liposuction is used to remove the excess fat tissue. The person will be in general anesthesia and the doctor will make small incisions through which he will set small cannula that will suck in the fat tissue. How this procedure looks like you can check at, as some other possible techniques can be done, depending on your situation.

Final word

Your breasts can get the size and shape that you like. Today these procedures are much more advanced than they used to be, so you can rely on the good doctor and technology when it comes to achieving your goals.


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