Compounds and its fusion: custom synthesis


A compound can be described as a chemical substance made up of several molecules which are identical in structure. It is comprised of atoms from at least two elements held together by chemical bonds. A compound can either be organic or inorganic depending on the elements and molecules from which it is made or synthesized.

Some chemical compounds and their elements

Water: It is a universal solvent. It is a very common compound that is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Chemically written as H2O, it exists in liquid form but transits to gas when heated and becomes solid under low temperatures.

Carbon dioxide: This is also a popular compound. It is chemically written as CO2, consisting of one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen. This is a gaseous compound.

Sodium Chloride: Commonly written as NaCl, it is made up of one atom of sodium and one atom of chloride. It is usually used as salt in food

Methane: Also known as CH4, this gaseous compound is made up of one atom of carbon and four hydrogen atoms.

Ammonia: A colourless gas that consists of one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms (NH3).

Alcohol: This compound can be found in alcoholic drinks and spirits. It is written as C2H6O. It contains two carbon atoms, six hydrogen atoms and an atom of oxygen.

Baking soda: Gracing our kitchen shelves, we have NaHCO3. It is used for baking.

Camphor: This is used as an agent of preservation for clothes, shoes, and bags stored in wardrobes. It comes in a white solid form. C10H16O boasts of 10 carbon atoms, 16 hydrogen atoms and an atom of oxygen.


Non-common compounds

While we can easily access common chemical compounds everyday, there are a number of existent compounds that aren’t so common. Some of these compounds include:

  • Barrelene
  • Basketane
  • Olympiadane
  • Penguinone (resembles a penguin)
  • Quadratic acid.

While these compounds are quite uncommon, there are still some compounds that can be heard of but you would never find in a lab or you’d have to order (if it doesn’t have a patent). These compounds are designed via a process called CUSTOM SYNTHESIS.

Custom synthesis is when compounds or molecules are exclusively fused by PCD Pharma Franchise in order to meet the needs of a certain customer who might intend to use this for creating drug formulas, to carry out research and so on. Usually, custom made synthesized products come with a patent. This is done when the person who made a request for it intends to sell it for a profit or wants to serve as a patent troll. In the lab, synthesized products are tailored for quality assurance in order to ensure regulatory approval. Only certified labs are allowed to carry out this synthesis and fuse compounds as only these labs are equipped with adequate testing facilities. This just goes to say that one can have compounds fused for many different professional purposes and the prospects are limitless.

Compounds are amazing and as we’ve seen above, an essential part of our lives. The water we drink, cooking essentials amongst other things around us are compounds. Also, compounds can be fused together to create synthesized ones to help humanity.

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