Hair loss is a nightmare to live through. When you start to experience permanent hair loss, the feeling isn’t great. Once you begin to experience hair loss, the next step is to make a desperate attempt to save the hair that is left on your head. One of the best ways to have a head full of hair after having experienced hair fall is undergoing hair transplant TorontoUndergoing a hair transplant is not an easy decision to make. The procedure can be rather costly. Hence, you must make your hair transplant procedure even more valuable by one, by taking the following steps to ensure that the procedure goes well and the results are lasting.

Research before you decide on a specialist

When you are planning to undergo FUE treatment, there are many things that you need to keep in mind, including its permanence. You must make a well-informed decision while choosing a surgeon. Choosing an experienced and suitable surgeon will have an impact on your results. AS they would be suitable experiencing placing precision hair transplants, which would give you a natural-looking hairline. When deciding on a specialist, take your time researching them. Make sure you go through the before and after pictures to see the results that they have been able to produce as they will give you a better idea about what your results would look like.

Follow the pre and after-care steps to the T

Once you have decided to undergo the procedure, you will be provided with a list of pre and post-procedure care steps that you should follow to the T. Following these procedures will make the procedure easier and bring down the even rare chances of complications. Not only that, but the road to recovery also becomes faster. The primary goal would be to keep your scalp clean and not give in to the temptation of touching your scalp. The scalp might itch; to prevent that from happening, your surgeon will prescribe you with anti-itch medication or topical medications to make it comfortable. If any problem does arise, you could always contact your doctor.

Be kind to your scalp

After the procedure, your scalp will begin to heal, and during this time, it is crucial that you are gentle and kind to it. The medication that you would be provided to apply on it should be used with a soft touch and minimal pressure. This way, the transplants won’t be disturbed as they heal. You would even have to avoid taking a shower on your head for at least about the first five days as the new implants are incredibly delicate. After the first week, the doctor will tell you when you can resume to shampoo your hair. Even after the doctor has permitted you, you should opt for a mild shampoo to clean the scalp. While you are taking a shower, rinse your hair gently and avoid rubbing or any other kind of intense pressure.   


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