Depression and Children


Parents are often time placed under stress when their kids act out without understanding why. Children get depressed just as adults. They experience anxiety, frustration, mood swings, and depressions. Recent research found that adults who suffered from depression were usually depressed or experienced depression as children. Depression is a disorder that starts in older children during puberty and also occurs in school-aged children as young as pre-school age. Depression occurs at any age and can be trigger by several stressors. For example, the COVID19 situation- children who generally have a happy school life get depressed because they are away from school.. Especially when the school environment is meeting the need the child lacks at home. The support given within the school environment is not at home, and the child may become depressed. The withdrawal the child faces may be misinterpreted as misbehavior. This silent episode is a major factor that may have lasting effects on the child’s adult life. A report from the World Health Organization concluded that almost 50% of all mental health disorders that adults suffe4r with began around the age of puberty. Unfortunately, most are undetected and untreated.

How do I know my child is stressed?

Depression is more than a child having a bad or sad day. Children that continuously have a negative mood may be suffering from depression and need help. Recognizing depression in your child may be a challenge if your child acts well at ‘putting on face’. Children are masters of hiding how they truly feel to make their parents happy. However, this is detrimental to their mental health. If your child has a change in behavior, it’s a sign of something wrong. Other adults may notice this change in behavior or personality; schedule a visit with a child psychiatrist soon. A diagnosis by a professional will determine the level of care needed. Drugs prescribed to assist the child in his/her normal behavior. A visit to PricePro Pharmacy online will ensure that your prescription drug reaches you on time and without hassle.

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At PricePro Pharmacy, prescribed drugs are available, whether the prescription is for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. SNRIs, TCAs, or blockers. Atypical anti-depressants are also available. The physician will prescribe a drug or simple exercise if required to a child suffering from depression.

How can I help?

Helping your child to be free from depression will take an extra effort on the parents. Spending time with your children and having meaningful conversations can help alleviate stress. Listening to your child may help identify stressors and work towards removing them. You can help your child cope with situations that are out of their control. Scheduling visits to a therapist will help your child through some rough hurdles as well. Create family time, with fun and relaxation being the theme. If your child is on medication, ensure medication is taken for the duration as prescribed. Monitor your child’s moods to see if there are any improvements and furthermore check this website.

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