Three things you should follow if you want healthy hair


Who doesn’t love naturally shining, long and strong hair? Especially if you’re a woman, a long mane of hair shows your dedication towards self-love, care, and health. However, many factors like pollution, hot tools, coloring, bleaching, etc. damage your hair. But, don’t worry, and start following three things as below to restore hair health.

  1. Fulfill the vitamins and minerals requirement 

Your body requires specific vitamins and minerals for growing healthy hair. You can fulfill this need by eating a healthy diet rich in zinc, vitamin C, minerals, and proteins. You can also use the Kerotin hair growth capsules; by taking two capsules a day, you can get all the nourishment your hair needs.

  1. Stimulate your scalp

Massaging your scalp is the best way to stimulate it. The action of massaging stretches the cells of hair follicles. As a result, the thickness of your hair increases, and you get stronger hair over time. Additionally, hair massage dilates the blood vessels beneath your scalp, promoting the growth of healthy hair.

  1. Save your hair from breakage 

You should provide deep conditioning to your hair; it not only moisturizes your hair but also improves your overall scalp health. You can use the hair masks from Kerotin for the same. You should use a soft microfiber towel without heat to minimize hair breakage. You can also use a silk pillow instead of cotton to reduce friction and breaking of hair.

In essence, it is possible to get long and strong hair when you fulfill the vitamin and minerals requirement. When you use essential oils and scalp massager from Kerotin, your scalp and hair health get a boost.

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