Is alkaline water a cure for acidosis?


It is now recognized by all nutritionists that our health depends largely on our acid-base balance. This means that our body functions optimally when the acidic and basic substances that go into the composition of tissues and body fluids are in equilibrium resulting in a neutral urine pH (around 7).

In the modern world it is acidosis which predominates. It is due to the consumption of coffee, alcohol or tobacco, under-oxygenation, vitamin deficiencies, poor elimination of acids by the kidneys and skin, stress, anxiety, aggressiveness. But more than any other cause, the key factor in acidosis is diet. We consume much more acidifying foods than basic foods (salads, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, etc.).

Can the trend be reversed with high pH water?

The consumption of alkaline water (at high pH) therefore seems to be the ideal solution to fight against acidosis. Stopping vinegar on your tomatoes and consuming less oranges and grapefruit will definitely not prevent acidosis. In reality, the body is perfectly equipped to restore its acid-base balance on its own, provided it has a sufficient reserve of minerals to do so. This is why a healthy diet rich in minerals is undoubtedly the best remedy against acidosis. And that alkaline water (ph of 9.5) as it comes out of the best water purifier is therefore not necessarily the solution to the problem of acidosis.

In addition, drinking basic water too often ultimately thwarts digestion. This is carried out in a very acidic environment, which should not be too upset, failing to see our pancreas go wrong. But if there is one organ to be careful with, it is this one. When we drink water that is too basic, we expose our digestive system to a noticeable drop in acidity, and it is then the rotting bacteria that take over the fermentation bacteria. They are the ones that repair the mucous membranes of the intestine and produce certain vitamins essential for the proper functioning of our body: K and B, among others.

Is alkaline water anti-aging water?

What exactly is alkaline water? The Alkaline water that you drink has a higher charge of electrons and hydrogen (H-). This results in two effects: deacidification and deoxidation. It is especially in terms of deoxidation or electronic charge that alkaline water is interesting from a health point of view. Indeed, it is extremely antioxidant. Thus, contrary to what one might think at first glance, it would be better to drink acidic water (pH 6.5 / 7) and avoid water that is too acidic (pH <6), just like water that is too basic (pH> 7.5). More than water, it is the mineral load of food that allows the body to operate its “buffer” and restore the pH to its normal value.

Unlike tap water, alkaline water is very reducing. Its rH2 index is extremely low, from 5 to zero, which makes it an overkill antioxidant. As such, it is a real water of youth: water which is good for the skin, which regenerates your cells, which is anti-aging and anti-cancer when drunk in reasonable proportions. It is also water in which bacteria and parasites perish.

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