Take a look at the Efficacy of Therapeutic Massage for Neck Pain


One of the most common alternative medical remedies for neck pain, the efficacy of therapeutic massage, is little known. To determine whether therapeutic massage is more helpful than a self-care book for patients with chronic neck pain, a controlled trial was performed. A recurrent problem of the period is neck pain. The muscles around the neck begin to get shorter, contributing to reduced mobility of the neck. Compared to static stretching to alleviate non-specific neck pain, there is not much research on the efficacy of deep friction massage.

Neck pain is a common disability-related weakness and a major cost of health care. Not only in terms of diagnosis but also for sick leave and early retirement pensions, chronic neck pain causes significant economic losses. The frequency of neck pain has grown at an even pace over the past decade. Simple neck pain is non-specific neck pain, not having any apparent secret pain-causing disease. It is characterized in the skin, ligaments, and muscles by an all-around feeling of rising pain. There are several variables behind the cause of neck pain. It is also inflammatory, degenerative, or postural or mechanical. Poor alignment, low mood, neck strain, and athletic injuries are etiological triggers.

Massage Therapy can be very useful to get relief from Neck Pain

  • Massage therapy, which is compatible and holistic therapies, encompassing several unique methods that are frequently used regularly, such as stroking, kneading, and percussion. For neck pain, massage and exercise therapy are commonly used management methods. There is, however, a lack of clinical evidence about their usefulness in the treatment of sub-acute and long-lasting neck pain. Some studies have found that neck massage may provide some relief from neck pain and improved range of motion, especially when practiced for several weeks a few times a week by a qualified professional. Such outcomes appear to be temporary. Although several studies have found benefits in the treatment of neck pain and stiffness with massage, other studies have not.
  • Further complicating matters, there is a wide range of forms of massage therapy and difficulties in measuring how massage therapy is used, which can make it challenging to research. Some research has shown that applying a mild massage is more effective than a light-touch massage. More research is required to determine whether neck massage is effective for the reduction of chronic neck pain and stiffness and whether the effects can be sustained. While massage benefits may be temporary, they can still play a role in managing painful flare-ups and helping to improve the quality of life.

Massage therapy for the neck is a reasonably healthy therapy. Some people may experience increased neck pain or swelling shortly after a massage, but these side effects generally do not last long. In rare cases where a massage is performed too hard or when there is a pre-existing injury to the neck, massage may lead to severe complications, such as vertebral artery damage and stroke. To enjoy the relaxing effects of a neck massage, most people do not need a vigorous massage. If a massage feels painful or too hard, it is recommended to let the practitioner know immediately so that the pressure can be reduced.

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