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When asked about the steroids he used, the professional athlete, Alex Rodriguez answered that there is an enormous amount of pressure to perform at a high energy level every single day. One mistake can cause us to lose a $252 million contract of baseball. Athletes use steroids because they need them the most. Imagine the large playgrounds, where they have to stand under the bright sun and play under a lot of pressure. This requires a large number of high energy levels that steroids can give. We all read about the steroids one should use to gain or lose weight or build a body. Have you wondered what happens when a steroid goes inside your body? Read the article to know more about it.

How do steroids work?

Athletes take steroids intending to speed up their muscle-building process. Lifting heavy weights than the normal ones causes the generation of micro-tears in the muscle fibers. The time required by the body to repair these tissues naturally is more. The tears are filled with bigger cells to build a strong fiber than the previous one. The continuous tearing and rebuilding of the muscles result in their growth. Testosterone produce by our body is the main pillar for this process. However, steroids are used as a supplement to speed up the process.

After taking anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), it travels through the bloodstream and reaches the muscle tissues. The Androgen receptor allows the steroid to enter into the muscle cell. After entering the cell, the steroid interacts with the DNA and stimulates a particular protein. This protein is responsible for the growth of cells.

Cortisol is released when you conduct an intense workout. AAS can also control cortisol, which is a stress hormone by blocking its way. This in turn stops the breakdown process as there is no hormone to cause the breakdown of muscle tissues. Less muscle breakdown implies less muscle fatigue. That means the muscles can recover quickly.

Steroids can also help in improving the problem of sore and overused muscles. Buy anavar 50mg steroid if you want to build a body real quick.

Not only are the steroids beneficial to bodybuilders and athletes, but also patients. Steroid injections are given to patients to cure the problems like inflammation, bursitis, and tendinitis. The doctors deliver a high dose when the problem of inflammation is out of control. The degree of pain depends on person to person,

If we talk about the bans that are imposed on certain steroids is because of their misuse. The steroids were invented to cure problems not to create one. We, humans, made bad use of them. Steroids never pose any danger to life if they are taken in proper prescribed doses.

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