Select Top Chin Augmentation Chicago Clinics and An Insight into The Procedure


Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery to either reshape or increase the size of a person’s chin. The objective of this procedure is to improve the outline of the chin, jaw, and neck. This helps to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the person’s face. It involves inserting a synthetic implant in the area of the chin and reshaping the surrounding bones. Doctors specializing in cosmetic surgery can perform this procedure in their chambers, a hospital or clinic.

How to choose the top Chin Augmentation Chicago clinics?

There are numerous cosmetic clinics in Chicago conducting this procedure. However, not all of them provide the same quality of service and costs. To choose one of the top chin augmentation Chicago clinics, you should consider the following tips:

  • Review client reviews on the clinic’s website,
  • Check the surgeons’ credentials, qualifications, license to practice and experience,
  • Check whether the surgeons are certified with an accredited medical board,
  • Ensure the clinic is hygienic, has a friendly ambiance and the latest facilities, and
  • Ensure the price of the clinic charges for this procedure is affordable.

How to prepare for a chin augmentation operation?

Surgeons conduct a thorough medical checkup of people who want to undergo a chin augmentation procedure. They review their previous medical history and ailments if any. The surgeons then instruct them to:

  • Take a week’s leave from their workplace for the operation,
  • Refrain from smoking,
  • Avoid taking aspirin, antibiotics and blood-thinning drugs,
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for 48 hours before the operation,
  • Sleep well on the night before the operation,
  • Wash their hair thoroughly with shampoo on the day of the operation, and
  • Arrange for a friend or relative to drive them home after the operation.

Day of the operation

During a chin augmentation operation, surgeons will:

  • Administer local or general anesthesia to sedate the patient,
  • Make a cut within either side of the mouth to reach the chin bone,
  • Insert the implant to the chin bone and attach it with screws, and
  • Close the surgical cuts with sutures and bandage the entire chin.

Surgeons normally complete this complex cosmetic procedure within one to three hours.

After the operation, surgeons arrange to transfer the patients to a recovery ward for observation. Then they allow the patients to go within a few hours or days depending upon the condition with the following instructions:

  • They should take complete rest at home for a week,
  • Take the medicines the surgeons prescribe regularly,
  • Periodically change the bandages till their chins heal,
  • Revisit the surgeons after a week for a checkup, and
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes

Complications arising after a successful chin augmentation operation are rare. However, patients can have:

  • Minor infections,
  • Temporary numbness in the region of their chin for the first two days
  • Minor scarring,
  • Temporary internal bleeding, and
  • Slight pain because of the implant, and
  • Side-effects from the anesthesia the surgeons use.

Chin augmentation surgery from top Chin Augmentation Chicago clinics can help people improve their jawline and chin appearance. These medical centers are hygienic, employ the best surgeons, and have the latest facilities. Moreover, the prices they charge for the operation are competitive and reasonable for you as well.

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