UV Mask vs. Surgical Masks: What to Wear When Air Pollution Is Bad


“I drust not laugh for fear of opening my lips and receiving the bad air,” said William Shakespeare.

A surgical mask is a disposable mask that is loose-fitted and is used to create a physical barrier between nose and mouth and helps you from potential contaminants in the environment you work. Well, these masks are regulated under 21 CFR 878.4040; they are not to be shared as it is labelled as surgical or medical procedure masks. These masks come in different thicknesses which prevents you from contact with liquid.

The surgical masks are meant to block big particles of droplets, sprays, and also prevent bacterias and viruses. Well, a surgical mask can be effective to prevent you from large- particles but if we talk about tiny particles that have a size of 0.3 microns or anything that can be transferred through the air like cough and sneeze then it is of no use. This means these masks cannot filter air particles, so you cannot use them as an anti-air pollution mask. Because of their manufacturing, they cannot be used to filter tiny air particles.

Now, let’s move to UV Mask, as the name suggested, this mask is made of Polycarbonate along with a silicon line on the outside of the mask to give an airtight structure around your nose and mouth. These masks are completely different from surgical masks as they are formed with 2-filteration system in which the first one is the outer one with plastic filter and the second with N95 filter to keep the tiny particles away and at the behind of mask there is a cavity that holds UV-C light to disinfect viruses.

These masks come with certified IP54, means they are water, dust and moisture proof. The main purpose of these marks to prevent you from tiny particles that comes along with air. It can filter particles that are smaller than 0.3microns, and it is used for non-medical purpose only. The main use of UVMask is to prevent from air pollution and provide you fresh air. It consists of two high-quality Li-Polymer batteries with 1,800mAh battery power. The mask also contains a fan which helps to force air without creating any moisture or heat that makes your eye glasses foggy.

You can work continuously for 8 hours and also it has a fast charging USB type-C that you can attach with your portable charger, in you car, with your PC, or any other thing. Although it uses UV light but it does not damage your skin in anyway. It is very comfortable to wear even for long durations.


Well, it should be clear that the surgical mask are made for preventing small particles of 2.5 microns size, whereas the UV Masks are made to prevent you from any bad air pollution that is particles smaller than 0.3 microns size.

So, yes UV Masks are the best mask to use for preventing air pollution.

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