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The ketogenic diet is very interesting in itself, but can be complicated to maintain. I always suggest that people be followed by a health professional who is knowledgeable in this area to obtain interesting and healthy resultsto maintain the state of ketosis, to absorb fat, to eliminate ketones or to reduce inflammation.Certain supplements can be very interesting, and this, at good prices.Here is the list of the best supplements to have during your ketogenic journey. With the Peanut Butter supplements now you can have the best option.


It is important to maintain a good omega-3 and 6 ratio. Fish or algae oils for vegans reduce inflammation, blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and more. You may already know that fish oil has benefits on memory, concentration and also on weight loss.

Hawaiian Spirulina

This microalga contains ALL essential amino acids, in addition to being provided with several minerals and vitamins. It has the power to reduce LDL cholesterol (note that LDL is not bad, but more easily oxidized in the bloodstream by sugar).

Sodium / Potassium / Magnesium

When you decrease carbohydrate intake, electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium are excreted more by the kidneys. It is therefore important to take an electrolyte supplement to relieve symptoms such as fatigue, headache, muscle cramps, palpitations, caused by a lack of minerals. Go for the Omega 3 Supplements there now.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually a hormone that is responsible for the activation and inactivation of over 900 genes in the body. It helps in the absorption of magnesium and calcium, increases the level of testosterone and increases muscle growth. Taking vitamin D is recommended, among others, to people following the ketogenic diet, but also to everyone, because we discover that more than 25% of Americans lack vitamin D. Finally, do not forget that exposure to the sun is very important to ensure the synthesis of this vitamin by the body.

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT)

The famous MCT oil, or powdered, is a fast and clean source of energy. It also offers fat that crosses the blood brain barrier and allows the brain to use these substrates as a source of energy. These are easily absorbed and digested fats. Preferably choose coconut oil or powder.

Salts / Esters of exogenous ketones

This is the new trend in the ketogenic diet. It is a source of exogenous ketones which act like ketogenesis (see article if you do not enter the terms). The salts of exogenous ketones increase the level of ketone bodies, activate or help maintain the state of ketosis in cases where the consumption of carbohydrates is a little higher.

The multivitamin powder supplement contains an impressive number of ingredients more than 30, all in forms offering the highest biodispobibility and at optimal doses, and it is the most complete multivitamin powder complex on the market today without exception. From Zotezo you can now have the perfect deals. Check solid ketogenic diet in Singapore, Carbs For Keto.

Last Words

The multivitamin powder supplement contains the highest doses and the forms offering the highest bioavailability, beneficial for health and vitality in general. It also provides superior forms (for optimal absorption) of essential minerals such as iron, selenium, manganese, boron, copper and chromium. Choline bitartrate has also been incorporated into the formulation to improve cognitive function and produce a beneficial effect on the liver and on cholesterol levels. Check The ketogenic diet from Carbs For Keto is awesome.

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