Are Nuts Healthy?


Nuts contain little water, but plenty of fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber. The unsaturated fatty acids are particularly valuable. The fat in nuts mainly provides monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have positive properties. In addition, nuts contain minerals and vitamins – especially vitamins from the B group and vitamin E – as well as potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus. Enjoyed in moderation (around a handful per day because of their high calorie content), nuts enrich the menu as valuable nutrient suppliers.

Nuts make you happy because they contain plenty of tryptophan, a precursor of the happiness hormone serotonin. But that’s not the only benefit –  nuts are super healthy and delicious. If you eat a handful of nuts every day, you will reward your body. Whether cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts or almonds, they all have their advantages and shower us with strength and energy.

In addition, each nut has its own character. If you look at their shape, you discover that nuts have an interesting, sensual shape and surface. The hazelnuts in bulk has a wonderful grain, the walnut resembles our brain and the curved cashew nut is reminiscent of a crescent moon. The imagination knows no limits. There are also big differences in taste. The slightly tart taste of the walnut contrasts with the creamy-sweet cashew nut. And yet the two get along perfectly.

Scientists claim to have found that nibbling nuts and doing brain teasers at the same time increases brain performance. It is not for nothing that one speaks of trail mix.

To this day, nuts are considered a symbol of fertility and sexual strength. Actually, a wonderful quality, but there have always been people who have had a split relationship with nuts for this reason.

For a long time, nuts, allegedly fattening up, were only gnawed in despair because of their fat content, but they have now lost their reputation as calorie bombs. The latest research has shown that nuts are real health packages that should not be missed. A large part of the fat is excreted undigested by the body. In addition, nuts fill you up relatively quickly.

Nuts are good for the heart and circulation and they help if digestion does not work out. After all, a nut is a seed. And seeds contain all the plants needed to grow into a new plant, a sturdy tree that produces new fruit. They are filled with valuable proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals, which also provide us humans with everything we need. Even in the Bible, the seed is a symbol of spiritual growth and strength.

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