Want to Improve Your Vaping Experience? Consider These Tips


Vaping is the new way of smoking that offers a great experience. It is believed to be safer than actual tobacco and comes in different varieties. When you begin using vape liquid, you must improve your choices and gain experiences to enjoy your sessions. The more experience you gain the more you will understand the technique of using it and learn more about different flavors. To improve your vaping experience, consider these tips:

Check the E-cig Bar

It is important to purchase the right electronic cigarette bar or the e-cig machine. Check for a suitable one since you will have to choose between a disposable e-cig and a non-disposable one. Before buying the bar, check the functions to ensure it makes you comfortable while using it. Learning about the anatomy of the e-cig will help you use it properly and identify any problems that may prevent you from enjoying your vape. The Psychonaut online vape shop has options of vapes you can pick from, ensuring you get one that offers your desired experience. 

Ask Tips on Vaping Techniques

You may not enjoy your vaping experience if you need a bit of work. No one gets it right the first time; however, you will surely get there as you learn the trick. There is much advice and help available for new vapers. You can ask friends who have been vaping for a while or do some reading online. You can even find resources if you want to know how to properly inhale when vaping.

Check the E-cig Battery Everyday

Electronic cigarettes run on the battery, so you must check the battery every day to have the best vaping experience. You must charge the battery so you can use the e-cig while traveling or when you go outside. When checking the battery, unscrew it first from the atomizer. Then, when the battery is ready, wipe off the junk with paper and screw it back. 

Know your PG and VP Ratio

It’s important to know the correct PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) ratio in your electronic cigarette. VG is sweet and produces the right amount of vapor or the desired vapor in an e-cig. Meanwhile, PG is used for the throat hit that offers the feeling of real smoking. To experience flavors and vapors while smoking, the VG must be higher than the PG. But, if you want the real experience of smoking cigarettes, the PG must be higher. 

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