9 Secrets On How To Deal With Dental Anxiety


Your teeth and mouth are two of the most noticeable parts of your body; your smile, potentially one of the greatest assets you could ever have. This is why dentists Arlington and in different parts of the country are constantly in demand to help patients take care of any of their dental concerns.

However, there are patients — children and adults alike — who experience dental anxiety. In America, around five to eight percent of the population experience phobia when going to a dental clinic. If you or someone you know is experiencing dental anxiety, here are nine ways to overcome this uneasy feeling.

Choose the right dentist. When deciding who you’ll choose as your dentist, you shouldn’t just take credentials into account. Choose someone who is known to be empathetic to patients, especially to those with dental anxiety. It also pays to choose a dentist with a clinic that offers a safe and comfortable environment for their patients.

Be honest with your dentist. It is essential to identify your fear — is it due to trauma or embarrassment? Then, share it with your dentist so that he or she will know how to handle your situation professionally.

Ask about the expected pain level of your dental treatment. When talking with dentists Arlington, you shouldn’t also hesitate to discuss the topic of pain perception. Dentists are more than willing to carefully explain what happens during their patients’ treatment. And this includes the expected level of pain the procedure may entail — and how he or she plans to manage it.

Practice deep breathing techniques. Being mindful is important in everyday life, especially in situations wherein you have to face a certain fear. If you have dental phobia, be sure to take deep breaths to help you calm your mind before every dental visit.

Listen to calming music. On the day of your treatment, expect that you will receive local anesthesia to temporarily numb the affected area. Though you will not feel pain, you will still feel light vibrations and hear some drilling from the dental tools to be used. To ease your worries away, it can be helpful to pop in some earphones and listen to relaxing tunes.

Let someone accompany you on your dental visits. Having someone by your side during worrisome times provides great relief. From your initial check-ups to the post-dental procedure care, it’s a must to have someone accompany you whenever you’re visiting your dentist.

Pick a low-stress appointment time. Dentists Arlington also advise choosing a convenient schedule for your dental visits. Choose an appointment time where you are most relaxed (e.g. Early afternoon on weekends).

Mind your eating and drinking habits. Eating healthily is beneficial at various levels. If you have dental anxiety, you should also be mindful of what you take into your body. Excessive caffeine, for instance, can significantly increase your anxiety levels.

Seek professional help. If the abovementioned tips aren’t that much help, it’s high time to consult a psych expert to identify and resolve the root cause of your anxiety.

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