How To Become A Model


Being a model is the dream of many young girls. Below are some tips on how you can become a model – not only on the catwalks, but also a nail, hairstyle, plus size or fitness model. Here are the recommended ways to become a fitness model .

How to become a model – requirements

When it comes to classic modeling, i.e. appearing on catwalks and magazine covers, the model is required to have certain values. First of all, growth is important. It is not true that the model must be very tall – girls over 180 cm tall qualify for this profession, but the modern market chooses women slightly lower. 

The ideal height is 178-179 cm. Of course, a lower girl also has a chance, but the path to a career can be more difficult. Lower models are chosen for sessions, e.g. because of their outstanding beauty. The ideal dimensions are 60 cm at the waist, 90 cm at the hips and 90 cm at the bust. As for the last dimension, most models have a smaller bust than hips. Candidates for models must be diligent, humble, positive and strong-minded.

The way to modeling

The path to modeling is not easy. If the girl meets the appropriate conditions and therefore has the appropriate height, size, and outstanding beauty, she should report to the agency. It is worth coming to the agency with your portfolio, i.e. several or several dozen professionally made photos. 

Pictures should be taken both without makeup – very naturally, and with makeup. After arriving at the agency, the model candidate completes the questionnaire, which is supplemented with photos – polaroids. The photos are very simple – they are supposed to present the face and the whole figure.

If the application is accepted by the agency, the candidate is invited to the meeting, usually together with her parents. There, all the details of the cooperation are discussed.

After signing the contract with the agency, the model cannot change her image without her consent.

Modeling has many names

  • How to become a hand model? How to become a hair model Such questions also very often appear on internet forums, where young people seek help in fulfilling their dream. Modeling is most often associated only with catwalks and fashion shows. Meanwhile, it takes various forms.
  • How to become a hair model, you must first have healthy hair. It doesn’t matter if they are short, long, red or black. Hairdressers and stylists will create miracles from their hair, provided they are healthy.
  • How to become a nail model? Hand and nail models should have nice and well-groomed hands. Very often, it is required that the nail model has a long and narrow nail plate because this is best presented in the pictures.
  • How to become a plus-size model? You don’t need to have a slim waist or narrow hips to be a model. There are many agencies where girls with more lush shapes can make a career. How to become an XXL model? It’s enough not to have the dimensions 90 by 60 by 90 cm! Big breasts, full hips, and good energy are the most important! A person who dreams of this type of modeling should report to a plus-size modeling agency.
  • How to become a fitness model? To become a fitness model (or model), you need to take special care of yourself. The body of a model or fitness model should have the right proportions and be beautifully sculpted.


Modeling and age

The best age to start a career in modeling is around 14 years. However, it happens that you can exist in this industry before. Frequently asked questions are how to become a model at the age of 12 or 13? There is a demand in the commercial market for models at a very young age. Their path to a career is the same as for older friends – through the agency and always with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

  • A model candidate – no matter what modeling she is interested in – should take care of herself, move a lot, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and use good quality cosmetics.


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