Things you should be aware of before choosing a hair transplant



To have a hair transplant is a big decision. If you want to have it then make sure you’ve to put a lot of thought into getting one. But before you go ahead and book your hair transplant consultation here are some things you should know. Hair Transplant Toronto has expertise in this area and thus, has recommended some points to check before going for treatment. 

Those things are mentioned below as follows;

1) The hair which is transplanted, is it permanent?

Indeed, it is. The hair once transplanted will be permanent growth for life. Once the transplantation is done, it won’t thin or fall off. Any method like FUT or FUE can be chosen. In both methods, hair grafts are taken from the donor area (part of the scalp not affected with baldness). The AHI technique can be called the most superior technology to be used.

2) Does transplanted hair grow?

The area where hair follicles are extracted is basically known as a reliable donor area. The back of the head and ears will be in this area. This is not affected by the action of DHT hormone which causes pattern hair loss. The transplanted hair will continue to grow as long as they’re in the donor area continues to. This ensures your hair is permanent.

Here are some other factors related to it;

-The hair took only from the back of your head or near ears and not from any other area during the transplant.

Always have a hair transplant with an expert clinic that has a skilled and experienced surgeon.

Follow the doctor’s suggestions and use medication as prescribed.

3) Will I have to take any medication for life after hair transplant surgery?

Once the hair transplant is done the transplanted hair is permanent so as such there is no medication required. Basically, the hair transplant is done to cover the existing bald patch. One might face hair loss among the non-transplanted hair in the front portion of the head. Thus, efforts and treatments are mandatory to be taken to maintain the overall health of the hair.

4) Ask about proven alternatives to surgery

There is a risk in hair transplant surgery. However, hair transplant surgery is not that serious as compared to other surgeries. You must ask the experts at Hair Transplant Toronto if you can find another alternative that could produce the same result, why not do it instead?

Once the hair transplant is done it will do wonders as the hair will grow permanent so to have another alternative is a bit unlikely.

5) The overall cost of hair transplant surgery

Although hair transplants are expensive treatments, the cost is worth it if it’s in the long run. Alternatively, we can say that your money will be saved which you were spending on expensive hairpieces and hair products. A hair transplant is a time investment that will achieve the best possible results for you.


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