Treating Osteoarthritis With The Help Of Specialists


There are quite a lot of conditions that people tend to consider “normal” during they every day life, thinking that they are in pain either because of the work they do, or because they are simply not getting enough rest. However, that often does not seem to be the case, if ever. Osteoarthritis is a good example for a condition that can be easily treated if you visit a specialist, which is why we are going to discuss it.

What is osteoarthritis?

The condition that effects the bone, cartilage, and muscles of a joint, or simply the whole joint, is known as osteoarthritis. While the condition does have the potential to affect all the mention areas of the joint, that does not necessarily have to be the case, as it takes from months to years to fully develop.

It usually starts out as an inflammation around the joint, and then it slowly damages the cartilage, ligaments and other previously mentioned areas. When it comes to the joints that can be targeted, pretty much any of them are potential targets, but the knees, finger joints, the big doe, and the hips are the most commonly affected areas.

If you are speculating that you might have this condition, it is a good idea to visit the best rheumatologist in Brisbane from arthritisCARE if you happen to be in the area, and if not, you can also consult with your local specialist as well.

Illustration of osteoarthritis affecting the joint

What is the cause?

When it comes to the cause of this condition, it is different based on the joint it affects. For instance, if it affects the knees, then the main reason is being overweight, having a previous knee injury, or if you are putting your knees under a lot of stress at work by lifting heavy things.

Should you be worried?

The outlook for patients who suffer from this condition usually tends to be very positive, as long as they consult with their doctor and follow the instructions regarding the treatment. Many patients with the condition usually have mild problems, however, when it comes to osteoarthritis that affects the hip or knees, it can sometimes lead to disability, thus surgery might be required.


Similar to the cause of this condition, the treatment differs on the affected joint. Sometimes, a simple weight loss might be enough, while in other cases you might have to use pain medication, or use some kind of device, but it is important to know that arthritisCARE – osteoarthritis treatment in Brisbane is a good thing to check out and obtain all the necessary information.

Knee pain is common with osteoarthritis

Final Word

By checking up on your health with your doctor every now and then, you can assure that you are not suffering from osteoarthritis or any similar arthritic conditions that could progress further in the future. As soon as you notice any inconveniences with your body, do not be afraid to consult with your doctor.

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